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Change Takes Time

Have you ever thought to yourself or heard someone say,

” I thought I dealt with this!

I thought it was over and done with!

why did it take so long to deal with it..why Now?

I have wasted all the years, why couldn’t I have dealt with this years ago?’

Because change takes time, like true love, it takes the understanding of time

and the acceptance that change only comes when you are ready..

and often we may think we are ready, but deep within we are not

Change takes time, and time can only be a helper if you see time as agent of change

Time goes in cycles , not in a straight line..

Change goes in cycles, not in a straight line..

There are no straight lines within the growing psyche,

in the inner expression of spiritual change there always is to be found a cycle

of change and time, like two different coloured flowers on one slender plant

Time needs change to give meaning to humanity

and Change needs Time to grow and mature

We are all children of time and change

They are two of  twelve great mysteries that give humanity the impulse of evolution.

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Christopher Hansard:[ Karma, Rebirth and Reincarnation]

People often wonder… what is Karma?

Karma is any intentional process, a thought, action, word or gesture or combination of all that is done with intent and focus. This the primary impulse of Karma. It does not matter whether the intent is positive or negative.  Because such activity creates many patterns that replicate themselves beyond measurement, we all are linked in a karmic fish net, that trawls the bottom of our unconscious karmic ocean.

If we wish to change patterns in our life, we need to understand what prompts our thoughts, actions, words and gestures, and what are the drives behind our intentions and focus. We can change karmic patterns by changing the nature of our intentions to the world, our inner world, outer world and to all people and other living creatures.

People often wonder …what  is Rebirth, thinking it the same as Reincarnation.

Rebirth is the process of suddenly been born as soon as you are dead without any understanding or control over the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of dying. If you lived a confused life and died with confusion, fear or any other overwhelming emotion that caused you to feel trapped,then it can be that you will be born immediately, as there are endless wombs waiting to be filled with life.

Rebirth is sudden and without understanding, it is a rush an endless flow and pattern. But you can rise out of that pattern by learning how to become conscious and more aware of your inner state so it does not sabotage your mental state as you die. This leads us to Reincarnation.

People often wonder… what Reincarnation is…

Reincarnation is the conscious application of mental , emotional and spiritual insight to yourself as you die, thus clearing away all the inner fears and projections that emanate around you as you die. You create a choice within you as to how you shall be, you enter into a dimension of choices. And when you know it is right, you have an element of choice over how, when and to whom you will be born.

In the death process if you enter into the state of clarity, you can redeem yourself, heal all your regrets, learn as to the whys and hows of your karmic legacy and inheritance and transform yourself.

Death is the great equalizer but in that you have choice and intention and focus.  Whatever you have done, you can heal in the process of death, and stay in the dimensions between the former life and the possibility of a new one, to enhance your inner evolution and well being.

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AChristopher Hansard:[Bliss and Boredom]

Bliss and Boredom, silence and noise,

calm and rush, silence and noise, clamour and quietude, dark and light,

to have and not to have,

these are the questions that are asked deep within our everyday selves and we are not normally conscious of the asking. Until, one, some or all of them come rushing out in a surprise guerilla assault of our fragile sense of self. These fuel most people’s search for meaning, comfort and stability.

But they are heat waves that come from the energy our everyday mind when it tries to make sense of our lives, selves and the world.

To move beyond becoming influenced by the rise and fall of all of these, we need to understand that we can let go of trying to make sense of it, and allow the natural sense to make sense of us.

Yes, we need to let go of the searching when fueled by all of these things that I have listed and allow the natural sense within us to show us that there is no search.

Because you are the journey and the destination and you have already arrived, it is just, that at some point in your journey through Life, you forgot. Its like meeting someone from years ago, and you can’t quite place their face or name, but you know that you know them from somewhere.

The natural sense within can show you that beneath the thrum of all of these experiences that I mentioned earlier is a great simplicity, and it is constant and yet as you experience it, it is renewed and so are you.

There will be no more bliss or boredom, but contentment and a knowing of the great laugh that resounds in the universe, and you will taste joy in everything and everyone.

Beyond Bliss, beyond boredom, you will find yourself and like a long lost lover rush to embrace yourself in the experience of the ever constant divine.

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AChristopher Hansard:[Power]

Power is often confused with force, and force is regarded as strength, and in many worldly situations that is true and appropriate when needed.

However, true power in all its forms stems from the relationship a person has with their inner power, and the greatest power is the knowing of when to act, when to not, to be aware of the time of things, for all things have their own time.

The greatest power comes from living in accord with your authentic emotional and spiritual state which can not be defined by anyone other than you and the eternal Self that takes on the material identity that you regard as your personality, day by day. Power comes not from things but from being.

When power is applied it not longer becomes power but another quality of action and intent.

You are potentially more powerful than any man made force or natural cycle or cosmic event or body, you are the summation of a thousand million universes, countless aeons of conscious journeying through many life forms, you are the great navigator and commander of the most profound power of all..the continuity of Consciousness which is the energy that all power is derived from.

Power takes on a conscious form when applied that is why as your inner self grows and matures it becomes powerful, not in ego or desire but in accordance with the cycle of things, there are many on this planet who have power but are not mature, their power comes from the intent of despair and ego, fear and the desire for safety from their inner knowledge that their power will fade thus bringing the fear of mortality.

This relationship to power comes from the fear of change and the misunderstanding of who we are as human beings in the natural and universal world.

We are immensely powerful, we are learning to be immensely responsible, but we can come to that by awakening the immense compassion that lies within us. If one person in the millions on this planet was truly compassionate but for a moment, all us would change our relationship to power and no one would seek it for artificial means.

The power that all people, all beings respond to and understand wordlessly is the frequency of love , in this material world it is the greatest and most enduring of all forms of power. Is is the one we as individuals and as a species run from but it is the hidden impulse in our evolution.

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AChristopher Hansard:[Are You Disatisfied?]

Are you disatisfied?

With the way your life is?

The amount of money that you make?

Your health, status, relationships, body, confidence ?

Are you disastisfied with your lack of acheivement.

Well I would like to ask you, compared to what?

Disatisfaction? What are you disatisfied with when compared to…?

If you start to compare …your disatisfaction will fade, because

just like comparison, disatisfaction is fleeting and not true.

Yet it can prompt people to really acheive incredible things and bring them to a place of truth, disatisfied people search for the meaning of things and change, content people do not. How disatisfied are you? Can you sit in your own company?

Can you accept that where you are in your life right now is where you are meant to be?

Disatisfaction is not something you can have for long or cling to, it is both a sensory and an emotional experience that prompts each of us to higher states of change, it is not the goal or the destination, but a process that leads us to knowing who we truly are.

Don’t get caught up in disatisafction, but take the lesson it offers,

give thanks for what it shows in you and move on.

But what of satisfaction?

It is merely disatisfaction at rest and it too is fleeting,

like a Summer shower that comes in the morning it will not last all day.

Disatisfaction is the everyday mind experiencing the underlying knowing that the material world can not offer a lasting peace or meaning, and so it expresses itself through our fears, longing and regrets.

Give thanks for all that,

give thanks for the moments of satisfaction,

the times of disatisfaction and know them both to be

transient and a heat wave of your ego in search of meaning…

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Christopher Hansard:[Are You Happy?]

Are you happy?

Can you ask yourself and find an answer?

There is no quick answer, only a slow one that evolves as you experience your evolution through the challenges of life .

Happiness comes and goes, but its sweetness is a reminder, that beneath the delights of happiness exists a greater joy and contentment that shows us all, the ‘being’ , within the human..

Happiness improves our health and conscious, but the media has hijacked it, turning it into something ‘aspirational’ like a fashion item or latest gizmo, happiness is for us to see beyond ourselves and to be thankful for the life we can make from the life we have.

Happiness is also a choice, both a belief, as an act of faith and a psychological state that shifts our consciousness.

How do we find happiness?

We need to look within for that is where its foundation lies,

and without, not in things, but in our relationships to people,

the natural world and the place we stand in,

as we express who we think we are.

Happiness is trust, a trust in the goodness of life, people and ones Self.

If you can not trust in these, then happiness takes time to emerge into your daily activities and thinking.

Happiness is waiting for you to claim it as your own.

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Christopher Hansard:[Gentleness; when we listen to the interdependence within ourselves]

Gentleness is the expression of interdependence

and of the person who is unafraid of the connection

with the varied experiences of Life. [

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Silence Is In Everything

The world is a noisy place.

Noise is part of life, from the sounds of births to a jet plane at high speed, from the laughter of children to the hammering of gun fire, noise is everywhere, and so is silence.

Silence is in everything. When you feel stressed out, worn out, overwhelmed , or in a panic, angry, distressed or reflective, stop and listen to the noise, whatever it maybe. [Read more →]

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When we due to the rush of our daily lives, find ourselves becoming stressed out, and lacking in focus and balance, we should try to pause…

..to pause.. and recall the moments when we were still, when we laughed,

when we loved and when we had peace, and then promise to ourselves to give ourselves the opportunity..to pause, reflect and change how we react to those things that try to make us caught up in the rush of daily living.

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Perception,Projection, Possibilities

We spend our lives in perception, projection and possibilities. What we perceive, what we project, and what we hold to be possible build our lives. Each, is a dimension that create human experience . Each human consciousness reacts to these three creating the material world in which we live our lives. Our perceptions, projections and reactions to what is possible create the world we occupy, both as individuals and as a species. [Read more →]

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